Canopy on the Planet
Artwork by Sta
Mode Level Notes Max Combo
Easy -- -- --
Normal 4 281 813
Hard 7.5 384 1055
Expert 9 522 1059
Spherical -- -- --


Bright lips to his nose,
Doing the "Igunaft ochitomi",
Your guilt's trust, will grow in the eighth tummy,
Trigger rest of the three stars, yeah

Raw fuzz in the ride,
I saw a ladder from the laundry,
Only does she know?
When I saw you as you do their round.

It must be flashes, birds coming out of my cell,
I can say "How this was I all this sorry?" And I am.
It must be flashes, birds coming out of my cell,
This answer's made! And it feels really mean okay, yeah!

I don't wanna wake up!

Baby, there, you've done and somebody used to fail us, well, do you forgive them?
And in the canopy, you rather write, "It's just settled." (It's* just settled.) [*: Only used for the first time.]
Baby, there, you've done for what I wouldn't do at all! Be there now, yeah! (Oh yeah!)
Baby, without you, today when it feels alone, I believe I can do it again! [2nd line (Repeat)]
Baby, without you, today I'll basically I won't listen about your love say I flew to the air (to the air)!!!