Title screenEdit

  • Slide your finger around the screen to manipulate the abstract shape on the title screen.
  • Hold down on the symbol representing the letter "O" in "Tone" to invert the color scheme. The color scheme only stays inverted in the title screen.

Song selectionEdit

  • Select a song with 4 fingers at once will activate autoplay mode . This lets the game automatically play a perfect game. The results screen will show "AUTOMATIC!" as a remark.
  • If the "New Chart" banner is seen above Lovesick's album art, the color of the album art will blend with the chart and fill in the letter "C" in "Chart", displaying "New hart" (read as "New Heart"), a reference to the song's album art.


  • Note borders actually display timing information as well as the Rhythm noteskin colors. 4th notes have light borders, 8th notes have slightly greyed borders, and 12th and above notes have black borders. This makes it possible to read timing information with the Default noteskin, even if it is impractical.

Spherical chartsEdit

  • Spherical charts are charts that will auto-unlock based on date and time, and possibly other conditions. These charts may simply be harder charts for existing songs, or entirely new hidden songs. Playing them once will unlock them permanently.
  • Spin Angular Momentum is particularly notable, as it contains the use of a unique, new note-type, Angle notes. These notes force the camera to rotate and change views. Missing these notes will not break your combo, and you can in fact choose not to hit these notes if you don't want to change your view.