How to play Tone Sphere in 3 minutes
Sta Kousin
Mode Level Notes Max Combo
Easy 0.5 78 111

Unlock InformationEdit

  • Available by default in both Press/Start and Solarsphere.


  • The soundtrack for this stage is taken from ray.
  • The stage is variously referred to as "LESSON" (title bar and results screen), "How to play Tone Sphere in 3 minutes" (song select) and "How to play Tone Sphere - In JUST 3 minutes!" (cover art).
  • This is the only song to be in the game twice with the same difficulty.

Video Transcript Edit

It's been a month since we left the planet...

...and we're stuck in this tiny alley.


Hey, we aren't exactly stuck. We just stalled out.

Can you just stop speaking like THAT?

Lesson 1: Touch when and overlaps. Follow the rhythm!

Lesson 2: Deft timing!

Lesson 3: Hold!

Calculating if I'm the first beagle in the space...

Lesson 4: x10

And where are they guiding us?

Lesson 5: Touch red sphere first, then slide your finger to the arrow.

As you get perfects, you'll also get . Get at least ★★✰✰✰ = CLEAR!

Collect stars to unlock hidden levels

Remember that little prince of a star?

Yeah, I wonder if you were like that, but...

...we're reaching for stars in the middle of nowhere.