Linear accelerator
Normal/Hard cover art

Linear accelerator alt
Expert cover art

Linear Accelerator - The Shaft (Spherical Autoplay)

Linear Accelerator - The Shaft (Spherical Autoplay)

Linear Accelerator
The Shaft
Mode Level Notes Max Combo
Normal 7.5 375 697
Hard 10 504 958
Expert 12 691 1377
Spherical 20 650 114264

Unlock InformationEdit

Expert unlock on sphere 25.


  • From version 1.1.3 to 1.3.1, Linear Accelerator (Expert) was the highest rated chart in Tone Sphere.
    • It is the first song to have an Expert chart rating of 12; however, it was rated as 11.5 in its debut until ver 1.2.2.
  • All three charts have a single hold that will artificially increase your combo by a few hundred; hitting it earlier or later will cause your combo to vary (explaining the different combos held by people on the leaderboards with fullcombos). It does not affect scoring.
  • The Spherical chart is only playable on April 1st, and does not unlock permanently.
    • The leaderboard lists the artist as "#LineAcc Tomato the Space Monster," and the song name as "Incident in the Tomatomart."