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File:Tone Sphere Altostratus (Original Mix) - syatten-0File:Tone Sphere Chroma (千のクロマ) - Sta (Full Version)File:Tone Sphere Chroma (千のクロマ) - Sta (Full Version)-0
File:Tone Sphere Chroma (千のクロマ) - Sta (Full Version)-1File:Tone Sphere Chroma (千のクロマ) - Sta (Full Version)-2File:Tone Sphere Cranky - positive dance -Final RAVE-
File:Tone Sphere Cranky - positive dance -Final RAVE--0File:Tone Sphere Crossover (sta's Red Plateau mix) - the liquid movementFile:Tone Sphere Crossover (sta's Red Plateau mix) - the liquid movement-0
File:Tone Sphere Du Bist - CallFile:Tone Sphere FLOAT MIND - Takahiro Eguchi feat. lily anFile:Tone Sphere Finite (Slipstream Mix) - Rion
File:Tone Sphere Finite (Slipstream Mix) - Rion-0File:Tone Sphere Flugel - CrankyFile:Tone Sphere Flugel - Cranky-0
File:Tone Sphere HARD de KONEKO - CrankyFile:Tone Sphere HARD de KONEKO - Cranky-0File:Tone Sphere Hello World !! - k-shi
File:Tone Sphere Imaginary Friends - StaFile:Tone Sphere Linear Accelerator - The ShaftFile:Tone Sphere Lovesick (sta's Xyzzy mix) - the liquid movement
File:Tone Sphere Meine Meinung - Souten (sta's Key-Kai mix)File:Tone Sphere Meine Meinung - Souten (sta's Key-Kai mix)-0File:Tone Sphere Meine Meinung - Tales of Spoof
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File:Tone Sphere Otome - suzumetune-0File:Tone Sphere UFD - cybermisoFile:Tone Sphere Video Game - THB
File:Tone Sphere already seen - Meine MeinungFile:Tone Sphere already seen - Meine Meinung-0File:Tone Sphere already seen - Meine Meinung-1
File:Tone Sphere conflict (Groundbreaking Edit) - siromaru Cranky (Full Version)File:Tone Sphere fether remixed by hapinano - twinklesky -2011 ULTRA HC STYLE-File:Tone Sphere kioku (unconnected) - atmbzk
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