"For everyone - play songs, collect ☆"

The first episode of the game. It features only Easy and Normal charts. The only exceptions are Flugel and Ninth (LotG mix), whose charts are Normal (but not included in Press/Start) and Spherical, respectively.

In this chapter, the "Normal" difficulty text is displayed as "Level" instead to indicate to new players that the stars indicate difficulty ratings.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Difficulty Rate Graphic Artist
How to play Sta Easy 0.5 Sta
already seen Meine Meinung Normal 1 Sta
summerghost (fb-edit) paraoka Easy 1
Aliceblue (Progressive House Remix) syatten Easy 1.5 Sta
Open Your Eyes Banvox feat. core mc Easy 2
Imaginary Friends Sta Easy 2
Out of your love (Exhaust Mix) Rando Easy 2.5
FLOAT MIND Takahiro Eguchi feat.lily-an Easy 2.5 Naru Nanao
pineapple spaceship nanobii Easy 3 kiki
ray (roop remix) roop loves THB Normal 3 Sta
Altostratus (Original Mix) syatten Normal 3
Middle suzumetune Normal 3
ninth (Chronometric Re-production) Sta Normal 3
La-La-Ru-Too-Ta Meine Meinung Easy 3 Sta
Du Bist Call Normal 3.5
HARD de KONEKO Cranky Easy 3.5
Crossover (sta's Red Plateau mix) the liquid movement Normal 3.5 NC Teikoku
Canopy on the Planet Sta Normal 4
Lovesick (sta's Xyzzy mix) the liquid movement Normal 4
positive dance "Final RAVE" Cranky Normal 4
Chroma Sta Easy 4
Hello World!! k-shi Normal 4
conflict [Groundbreaking Edit] siromaru + Cranky Easy 4
Out of your love Rando Normal 4.5
La-La-Ru-Too-Ta Meine Meinung Normal 4.5
Imaginary Friends Sta Normal 4.5
ninth (Light on the Glass Mix) Sta Spherical 4.5 Jesulette
FLOAT MIND Takahiro Eguchi feat. lily-an Normal 4.5
Out of your love (Exhaust Mix) RANDO: (Song by Kate Lesing/ Janadana) Normal 4.5
otome suzumetune Normal 4.5
☆ twinklesky ☆ fether remixed by hapinano Normal 4.5 MASATO Ishioh
Open Your Eyes (Original Mix) Banvox feat. core mc Normal 5
summerghost (fb-edit) paraoka Normal 5
Le Petit Prince cubesato + sweez + hgsn Normal 5 hgsn
Sweets Holic Yamajet feat.haru*ama*nya Normal 5 Masato Ishiou with The Three Pinchhitter Bros.
Aliceblue (Progressive House Remix) syatten Normal 5
HARD de KONEKO Cranky Normal 5.5
pineapple spaceship nanobii Normal 5.5 kiki
2012 ft. tigerlily (NDK EDIT) DOT96 Normal 5.5
Venetian Staccato Light On The Glass Normal 6 DC
Chroma Sta Normal 6
Noiseproof Sta Normal 6 mashana yuki
kioku [unconnected] atmbzk Normal 6
Souten (sta's Key-Kai mix) Meine Meinung Normal 6 nini
Unified Chaos Sta Normal 6.5
conflict [Groundbreaking Edit] siromaru + Cranky Normal 6.5
Finite Sta (Original song by Rion) Normal 6.5
Video Game THB Normal 7
UFD cybermiso Normal 7 MiRA
Tales of Spoof Meine Meinung Normal 7
Linear Accelerator The Shaft Normal 7.5
[Spin-Angular-Momentum] Sta Spherical 0

Unlock DetailsEdit

Most charts are unlocked through Sphere Ranks, except for:

  • Ninth (LotG mix): Unlocks for an hour starting from 4am and 4pm, clear to unlock permanently
  • [Spin-Angular-Momentum]: Unlocks on Wednesdays, play to unlock permanently