Canopy on the Planet (Dry Pre-master)
Mode Level Notes Max Combo
Spherical [Spin Angular Momentum] 0 ??? ???
Spherical [Spin angular Momentum!!!] 0 2173 14628

Unlock InformationEdit

  • Both Spherical charts unlock on Wednesdays. Play either chart once to unlock both permanently.

Other InformationEdit

  • Spin Angular Momentum introduces an entirely new note-type: Angle notes. These notes change the angle that the camera is facing. +/-45' notes rotate the current view, while +/-90' notes rotate to a different view. They also give +10 combo, much like silver notes.
  • For both charts, missing any note will NOT break your combo. It is unknown what counts as a miss as they do appear on the results screen, but if you put in any amount of effort to play the song, you won't get misses.
  • Angle notes do not contribute to the star percentage; while their combo and notes are counted during gameplay in the results screen, the star percentage only counts normal notes. Therefore, it can be quite easy to reach 6-stars and go "beyond" the maximum by hitting more angle notes.
  • For both charts, there is a "box" of notes that you are "enclosed" in; you must use the 90' notes to rotate to each "wall" to reach those notes. The majority of the notes are in the "front", but for scoring purposes, you will need to find a "route" through the chart.
  • In that sense, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get every single note or achieve a "true" full combo on either chart, as the majority of the notes are outside of the camera view for the most part. An indication of a full combo is possible and is usually obtained in the first half of the song if the player is playing properly, but the conditions for that are unclear.
  • For the Press/Start version of the chart, simply choosing not to hit any of the angle notes and only playing the "front" chart is not enough to obtain a 6-star. There are sets of notes to the left and right that contribute to the star percentage that must be reached and played if a 6-star is to be obtained.
  • For the Solarsphere version of the chart, the 6-star is trivial to obtain, and anybody putting in any effort to play even just the front chart without rotating anywhere else will get it within the first half of the song. However, getting higher scores beyond that will require rotating to different sides. Of particular note is the midsection, which features a sequence of holds that move to different sides. Finding the optimal "route" through that section is key to scoring high on the chart.